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1 Day Top Rope Climbing and Rappelling

3 person minimum-(NOTE: must be groups of 3 to receive discount) - 27 max.

This is our most economical introduction to rock climbing. This 4-8 hour adventure (depending on the size of your group) is for those who only have one or two days and want to experience the thrill of climbing and rappelling with supervision from certified professional guides. We’ll go to an area that has top rope climbs of all abilities (everyone will succeed) where you will learn the proper knots and belaying technique while climbing and rappelling all day.

Course Per Person Min/Max
Group Top Rope Climbing and Rappelling 1 Day $80 3 person minimum - 27 max

Cancellation Policy

We start at 8.30am

Scout 2 day Trad Fundamental Group Course

9 Scout minimum

Most of us were Eagle Scouts back in the day. This course is designed to provide a more economical entrance into rock climbing for Scouting organizations. We will follow the same ratios and curriculum as we do in our standard two day class and provide all the gear each Scout needs. All Merit badge requirements are easily achieved during this two day adventure and don’t forget we have an indoor Trad Climbing Center which makes our course a rainproof adventure. Please call for more info or Scoutmaster references.

Course Per Person Min/Max
Scout Trad Fundamentals 2 Day $200 each 9 Scout minimum

Cancellation Policy

All you need to bring is food and water for the day.

We start at 8am and the day ends around 5pm

What Others Are Saying

I wanted to say thank you for the great time we had with Doug and Justin. they were very helpful, professional and safety-conscious...I vastly appreciate (their) patience with a difficult crowd. Michael Eareckson
Tandem Friends School Group

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