Trad Fundamentals...AKA Intro, Intermediate and Gym to Rock

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Trad Fundamentals...AKA Intro, Intermediate and Gym to Rock

Seneca Rocks Mountain Guides is the home of Seneca’s most experienced certified multi-pitch guides.

Our educational methods and guiding strategies are based on 40 years climbing, teaching classes and guiding on Seneca Rocks. This experience led us to recognize early the very profound and unique influence of climbing gyms and club programs. We responded by creating new tools and tailoring classes that blend the skills you have learned indoors into a personalized curriculum. This educational style is exclusive to SRMG and will create a seamless transition to outdoor ‘Trad’ climbing.

Don’t let different climbing abilities or experience levels keep you and your climbing partner from taking a course together. Disparate skills and abilities can actually be an advantage and we are experts at creating unique experiences for each person in the course. Our talented guides will design the ideal curriculum and lead you on climbs which allow you to zero in on the skills specific to your place in the climbing team, the second, lead climber or rescuer. While our courses are easily the most progressive and comprehensive at Seneca Rocks our friendliness is legendary. Please don't hesitate to call or email with questions.

No matter your learning style, ability level or goals, SRMG will create the optimum program for you.

Classes begin on Saturdays and Tuesdays.

Free Camping included w/all courses!

Rain Proof first day! 4-6 Hour Trad Fundamentals Multi-Pitch systems/strategies and self-rescue seminar

What Others are Saying

May 2010
Got back from the Intermediate Rockcraft class with Seneca Mountain Guides last night. I'll give the class two thumbs up. It was my first trip to Seneca so that was a big influence on how much I enjoyed it but the class was actually excellent. I debated whether or not the class was "advanced" enough but Brendan (highly recommended guide) did an excellent job tailoring it to me. I was lucky and was the only one in the class so it was just me and Brendan all three days. We got in a lot of instruction that I found really useful. Hopefully I'll put a little trip report together this week.
PATC Member Jeff Davis

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